Beki Grinter

My knitted clock

In crafts and craftiness on June 28, 2009 at 5:39 pm

I made a knitted clock today, well more accurately I finished my knitted clock today. I got started on it a while ago, but then I stopped perhaps I was nervous about whether it would actually work out as I had planned.  Anyway today I finished it and it gives me real joy (I also added a snapper to a bag I had made myself, repaired a pair of shorts, and a bag, and even a toy dog… wow, it was a day for completion).

A pattern of sorts, more of a description, but hey this was what was in my head…

Take one ball of Bernat, knit an oblong, felt it into a 10in square using the shrinking formula (85% wide and 75% long). After felting, and drying (I recommend under books to flatten it), apply interfacing to make it stiff enough to hang without drooping (no-one wants a droopy clock).

Then using Pattons Classic Wool knit two squares, one red, one black, again felt. Cut circles out of the squares (4 in the red, 8 in the black — use a button as a guide).

Cut a hole in the center of the clock face which the clock mechanism can poke through. Assemble clock according to clock instructions. Once assembled, wind clock hands around to determine where to glue on the circles.


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