Beki Grinter

The ugly truth

In European Union, France on August 14, 2009 at 5:31 am

So, I know my last posts have been all positive (and probably too long), so you’re wondering, what’s really been going on. What’s the ugly realities of this week. So, here in no particular order.

  1. I’m not used to the apartment so if I wake up in the night I frequently walk into things which shouldn’t be there, like doors, I am covered in bruises. I bruise quite easily, like for example, I can bruise myself pressing hard, but I really have quite a quantity now.
  2. After almost 36 hours of being awake K and I drove in a French city. It could have been much worse, but we got to an intersection (of 5 roads, no roundabout) and I was so tired I couldn’t explain to K where to go, so we ended up going a different way and ultimately ended up at the same intersection again. Second time was in fact lucky.
  3. I encountered a French lady (as I would in France) when I sought to purchase a Croque Monsieur, who told me that she did not speak any English and that was a shame since she would have loved to talk to me. Unfortunately my French is so bad, I didn’t understand what she was saying.
  4. We have 86 channels of TV, of which two news stations are in English, and another does a combination of German and English. And dammit, I already miss TV.
  5. We have left a fairly useful cables in the United States. We are pondering whether to spend some money at FNAC or have it shipped. For some reason it feels to me as if once we start down the lets have it shipped path, we’ll be shipping much more than just a cable.
  6. Unable to completely process the one way system, not at all helped by the fact that most of Metz seems to be under construction, there’s a good possibility that I might have advised my parents to make an illegal turn at a particular intersection. Whoops. Luckily they are in a British car, the plate the position of the wheel all visible, so hopefully the French will just write it up to the uppity English.
  7. In less than a week here I already feel more politically militant than I have in a while. So, yes, I do love the NHS (I wouldn’t be here without it, nor one of my parents, or both my grandparents–the other two grandparents were served by a different socialized healthcare system that the US right wing hasn’t gotten around to criticising yet–perhaps this is a good and not ugly truth.
  8. I’m in Stabilo country, but I really want to be in Steadtler country, so I’ve written to them asking them where their retailers are… yes, it’s that serious an issue.
  9. My work office, 204, is very hot. So today I have the fan on, window open, and now it’s cooler but more humid. Have I become accustomed to highly regulated air systems, yes, I think so.
  10. Should I be doing something else, almost certainly, is this more fun, why yes.

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