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Luxembourg, finally

In European Union on September 1, 2009 at 12:55 pm

(I started this over a week ago).

Today we went to Luxembourg. I am a member of the European Union and unbelievably I’ve never been to Luxembourg. But now it’s the case that I’ve been to Luxembourg before Spain. I wonder how many people in the EU who don’t hail from Luxembourg that’s true of.

Ok, before I tell you more about Luxembourg, let me just tell you I’ve had a French wine I don’t like, Cotes du Jura. Horrible. Horrible red wine is actually a theme for today, since I started with Luxembourgisch Pinot Noir which was also a bit ropey. Both are drinkable, the only wine I can recall throwing away is Virgin red (yes, another Branson company) and some red wine from Georgia. Both were staggeringly bad, I mixed them to see if there was any improvement, and ultimately gave our drains a good clean with those two bottles. FOUL.

So back to Luxembourg.

We took the train from Metz, it’s a direct line. It was about 50 minutes each way, and one of the stops is Wallygator PARC. That’s the local theme park. Then it’s on to Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is set on a promontory, surrounded by rivers and you cross into the city (sorry we’re talking the city and not the state here) via bridges that induced a vaguely clammy sensation on my hands. And perhaps it was a result of the high bridges, the deep canyons, that the city itself has been relatively untouched by modern times. The European Union it should be noted is safely established across and on the other side of one of those deep ravines.

Luxembourg is also quiet. It was a Sunday of course. But it was very very quiet. And of course most things were shut, including the European Union Information Centre. My chances of owning a poster that explained how the EU was formed, or overviewed the currency were dashed due to Sunday opening laws. Somehow I feel that that’s just not fair. I was disappointed, and I’m *still* trying to decide whether I need to go back, just to get some EU information.

The Royal Palace, because, yes, Luxembourg has a monarchy is quite small. And perhaps it’s proximity to a large square is the reason that that square is quiet too. We did however find a square that had more “action”. And there we learnt that Luxembourgisch beer is good, but the wine is quite questionable, with the red being more problematic than the white. I will say, in its defense, than none of it is as terrible as any of the wines I’ve had from Virginia, and most from Georgia (I recall a couple good ones from GA).

So, anyway, Luxembourg. Took me forever to write about, but perhaps that says it all.  It’s worth it, but well don’t get too excited, and don’t go on a Sunday if you’re looking to shop.


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