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My World Cup

In European Union on July 4, 2010 at 4:48 pm

Once every four years I get to enjoy the World Cup.

I am a person changed. I don’t watch ESPN for 3 years and 11 months, and then for one month I watch four years worth of ESPN. I remember where the station is (normally reserved for PBS and BBC America). I even watch Sports Center. FWIW: shout out to ESPN/ABC, they’ve changed tacks with reporting from trying to explain the beautiful game during the match and work in adverts that used to block out the ball (the ball being kinda crucial in football) to a better balance of tactical commentary with some scaffolding. I hope that its working for Americans because I used to only watch World Cup on Spanish language stations here, and I have to admit I did miss the commentary.

I think that World Cup is catching on in the U.S. The national team had a very good showing, I’m hopeful that they will continue to get better over time. I’ve had a number of conversations with people about the beautiful game. One of those conversations is always about why I support Germany.

And I do support Germany. To be truthful, I was disappointed by England’s early performances, and then pleased when they got out of their group. But the Sun, a British newspaper, must have regretted dubbing the group that England were in EASY (E=England, A=Algeria, S=Slovenia, Y=Yanks a.k.a. the US) since England struggled to be the runner up.

And then it happened. It’s happened before. Germany and England meet. And then there’s no question about who I support: Germany.

I was there in 1990 watching as it went to a penalty shoot out, (West) Germany would win and then go on to beat Argentina in the final (sounds recently familiar?). I was watching it in England at the time. Germany and England had an established history of meeting by this point. Where does it begin? For some, 1966 when West Germany and England had met in a final that England would win. A final where an English player would score a controversial goal (also sounding familiar as England had a goal taken away, causing controversy).

And then there was 1970. I was a little too young to understand, being less than a week old when that game was played. But I know we watched it, in what the Americans would delightfully term “a house divided.”

This time, I am also watching it with facebook. I apologise to all the people who have to endure about 15 status updates per match. I should try to be more restrained, but the “in person” experience is even better than that. I’ve already cried, with joy, a couple of times. I expect more tears, I hope during the final. Why? Well because I hope Germany will win the title.

And speaking of that, I suppose I am lucky. Each game thus far has given me much to be pleased about (I just rewatched the Argentina game, so much easier knowing the score). I am celebratory for a time. And then the next round of angst sets in. Now focused on a Spain, a good looking Spain, a Spain that beat Germany just two years ago in the European finals. So it’s back to worry again. And so the cycle continues, because Germany continue to encourage me to believe more and more, and now I’m focused on that trophy… and on Klöse beating Ronaldo’s 15 World Cup goals.

  1. Well, being English I have to keep reallocating my allegiance. I have converged (I think) on the Germans [altho’ I began with the US on the back of a misguided Ladbroke’s outing].
    Bets on Germany 3, Uruguay 2 in ET?

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