Beki Grinter

Germany Defeat: On Being a Fan

In European Union on July 7, 2010 at 9:54 pm

As everyone knows Germany lost to Spain 0-1 yesterday. It was forecast by an octopus called Paul. He’s German (although I read somewhere that he was born in Britain, which might make him a good English replacement for Capello should the F.A. be looking since Paul clearly understands game form…)

So in a spirit of admission I shed a few tears. I think Spain played the better game, in the final analysis. I’m not quite sure how to put this without being offensive, but I think Spain not only handled the ball better but they also seemed to awe the German team. I didn’t see the risk taking of the German side until the goal Spain scored. I think perhaps the easiest way to get a sense of whether Spanish form versus Netherlands risk will win is now on Sunday.

BUT… I am a fan, I followed Germany all the way and I’m still proud. Very proud. Before the cup there was concern. Ballack was injured. The question of who would goalkeep was wide open and included injury and tragedy. Some now say that these unfortunate events put Loew in the position of trying new players… and even early on in their Group, there were times, uh-oh.

But they found their form, and then produced some unequivocal game results (one at the expense of another country who retains my loyalties until they meet Germany, England). And then also against Argentina. They played some exciting and thrilling football, with energy and confidence. They weren’t supposed to be winners. They were young and untested but they played formidably. They won’t be World Cup 2010 winners, but they will have done well. And they’ve lived up to the German record. Germany has a consistency of making it to the semi-finals that should be enviable by many.

So, I want to thank them all. Thank you the team, the manager, the coaches, and all. I cried today, but it was brief because on reflection you all continue and exemplify a good tradition and I am a proud proud fan.

I can’t wait for Brazil 2014. Go the Mannschaft!


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