Beki Grinter

Where’s my pay raise?

In academic management on July 28, 2010 at 3:27 pm

Some right wing radio talk show host said this…

These professors are all millionaires. They’re millionaires with big, big salaries and big, big retirement packages. And yet they dress like little schmoes, you know, with their crummy jackets … that are twenty years old, yeah, and patches on the elbow. And their ties are askew and their hair’s kinda crappy and they drive crummy little cars and they’re millionaires. They’re all millionaires!

He’s under a very strange impression about my salary. But, I also like how he conveniently overlooks the presence of any women academics. The ties, the elbow patches on the jacket. Come on. Perhaps though, he’d prefer it if women weren’t on campus, especially since women continue to get paid less than men thus even further diminishing his argument about faculty salaries.

  1. He may have a point about the antiquity of clothing. I was recently persuaded to part with a T shirt bought during the 1987 election campaign (yeah, becky, before you got your degree). Bought in Collett’s, the slogan was “Educate, Agitate, Organise”, but it didn’t have elbow patches.

    Ties? Cars? Not guilty.

  2. amusing that this is the post in which i now see google ads. an authoring choice, or is the inclusion based on whether the ad engine thinks it’s worthwhile, or…?

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