Beki Grinter

Are You Your Advisor

In academia, academic management, social media on June 24, 2011 at 6:17 pm

This great post, asking the question are you your advisor?

I was given the advice not to try to emulate any one particular person, but to do what seems right to you. It’s turned out to be very good advice. I think I can say that I am not entirely like my advisor, but that I have borrowed things that I liked about his advising style.

For students reading this, I would really encourage you to try to believe that sometimes there are very good reasons for what seem like very frustrating situations. Money is always a good reason. Not just having it, but there are so many different accounts. I’ve written about this before, but if you are someone that doesn’t like looking at your checking account statement, you’ll find the almost weekly need to look at your accounts, decide which one of them a request for something needed should go on, prepare the justification so that the University knows that you’re buying something reasonable and not a yacht.

But to answer the question. I send long emails, am interested in the history of Computing and it’s disciplinary devolution, have a passion for groupware, have studied software development, so in these ways yes. But, I think I’m also different…


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