Beki Grinter

University-wide Committees

In academia, academic management on June 24, 2011 at 7:33 pm

There is so much service for faculty members to do, and I have certainly done “my fair share.”

But just lately I’ve been reflecting on the rewards of one type of service. I’m pretty used to department and school committee service but in the last few years I’ve served on some committees that span the University (Institute).

These committees have introduced me to a wide variety of people who work at Georgia Tech. They have helped me to understand the range of concerns and perspectives that make up the place I work. They remind me of both the similarities and differences I share with them as a member of the College of Computing. They also help me to see into the College of Computing as an outsider might, reminding me of things I would have otherwise perhaps forgotten.

I know people already know this, but I the reason I wanted to blog about it is because I find that quite often I am focused on my immediate colleagues or my invisible college (Diane Crane’s version). University committees have given me a different perspective into the composition of the University. Its introduced me to people with whom I have subsequently accomplished something. Sometimes this has taken more than a year, but the best things are never rushed right.

So, while I won’t be signing up for all committees, I just want to sing the praises of the University committee.


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