Beki Grinter

At what Age did most People start taking You Seriously?

In academia on July 21, 2011 at 11:59 am

Female Science Professor had a post where she asked:

When did most people start taking you seriously? (as a science professor)

For her it was 45 and she enumerates the factors, gender, field, era of Ph.D., personality and appearance. I’ve been thinking about this question ever since she posed it.

I could go into what I think might be the differences between myself and FSP along the dimensions that she proposes. I could start a discussion about whether some people will ever take HCI as part of a Computing discipline seriously. I could add that this seems like a shifting target, as you progress through your career who you want to take you seriously changes — well perhaps the number of people increases to be precise. But I’ve done most of those before.

But I’ll just say that I look forward to a time when this is not a question that anyone needs to answer, and certainly not the case where the answer is 45. But that is not in my hands.


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