Beki Grinter

Slow Science

In DRAFT on August 4, 2011 at 11:01 am

I’ve just found out about the Slow Science movement. Their argument, which is fairly thin on the ground at this point (perhaps they are taking time to think about it), is that Science has been sped up too much and actually needs to precede more slowly. There are critiques from Scientific American and the Atlantic which I thought were more thoughtful, because they go into more detail about what might be both good and problematic about the slow science movement’s stance.

I found reading these to be a good pause and think moment and an opportunity to reflect once again not just on what we do, but how we do it, the circumstances in which it is done (the resources, the institutions) all of which influence the outcomes. If I have a critique of the slow science movement is that the critiques of it do a better job of surfacing the context in which science occurs than the Slow Science movement. And also that without that contextualization, the Slow Science movement seems to suggest some independence from those contexts.


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