Beki Grinter

End of the Semester

In academia, computer science on December 7, 2011 at 7:59 pm

I’ve been really quiet for a while. Its not that I didn’t have things to say, but work has kept me busy. It’s the last week of classes and I am looking forward to the different rhythm. But I’m also going to miss the students. I started out this semester being so nervous of meeting a new crowd. And now they are all familiar strangers. I know a bit about their personalities from the things that they have written, from the t-shirts they wear, and other clues.

But I also know it because slowly over time some of them have taken a bit of time after the class to hang out with me and chat. And I’ve enjoyed that its a reward to have people just open up and talk a bit rather than scurrying off to the next class, or away from the current one.

I turned out the light in the classroom I’ve been going to for 16 weeks, twice a week. I was the first one there on that first day and the last one out on the last. As I turned it off I ended another chapter of teaching, another set of memories and experiences. And these have been good and I will not forget them. And I will be excited about the next set I will create, but right now, I’m feeling some loss for the ones that are now past.


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