Beki Grinter

HCI Challenge Three

In academia, computer science, discipline, HCI, research on July 29, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Recently I wrote a post about top challenges in HCI. I had been asked by someone to list the top three challenges in HCI. Mine are about the field as a whole, and a reflection on the field, which I think is broad in both theory and problem domain.

I could only come up with two challenges at the time, but I have a third to add. Keeping up with it all. I suspect that this is not a problem unique to HCI. Keeping current with the literature is a significant challenge. There are a profusion of conferences and journals in my field, and due to search engines like Google Scholar and repositories that synthesize collections such as the ACM’s Digital Library (which keeps it’s own materials but also makes available other publishers), it’s relatively easy to end up even after a short search with enough materials to last the year of reading.

In HCI there’s also the challenge of doing the reading in order to be able to understand the readings. This is related to the first challenge. In a field that is theoretically diverse, sometimes it’s not possible to get the full import of the paper without reading some of the related background theoretical pieces. And so another package arrives from Amazon of things to read.

So challenge three, keeping up with it all.

I’m curious, what are your top challenges in HCI?


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