Beki Grinter

I’m Sorry I Didn’t Make Class, Did I Miss Anything?

In academia, computer science, discipline on October 25, 2012 at 10:55 am

Another day in the office, another student asks me the time honoured question.

Hi Professor <look a bit sheepish> I wasn’t in class the other day, did I miss anything?

This is one of those moments where because they are young, and because I was once young too, I find myself suggesting that they borrow someone else’s class notes and talk to someone who was there. But every now and again I get this urge I have to suppress to respond in one or more the following ways.

  1. No. You missed nothing. I come here only to entertain myself, frankly you’d be better off talking to your cat to get the answers to your midterm/homework.
  2. Yes, you missed approximately 1.5 hours in which I lectured, the students discussed, we conducted some group assignments, I provided feedback. Now go and write me an essay about why that might constitute missing something in class.
  3. Actually I told the people who bothered to show up what questions were going to be on the final. And I made them promise not to tell you.
  4. Really, seriously?
  1. When YOU were a student, I remember you as being really rather well-behaved.
    To the extent of inviting me to a Hall dinner.

    • Thanks! Those Hall dinners were great, I was glad that Jason and I could invite faculty to dinner. Its a simple thing with impacts far beyond what I would have imagined at the time. Thanks for the reminder. Also I will tell my parents that I was rather well-behaved, it’ll be news to them 😉

  2. You’ve seen this poem before, right?

    I can only assume it was written by another fed-up professor.

  3. A colleague in Journalism & Communication shared the following:

    I was not present at tutorials this week as I was ill.
    Do you know what was covered?


    Much hilarity ensued…

  4. And then there are those who say, “Professor, I won’t be in class tomorrow. What will I miss?” Usually by email, where it’s hard to be sheepish ….

  5. “Will you be posting your notes?” is one of my faves

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