Beki Grinter

About beki70

I’m English, which makes me British and European, but moved to the United States of America when I was 21. I either enjoy life in the USA or claim I am having a cultural moment.

I’m a Computer Scientist (Ph.D.) focused on research at the intersection of Computing and People (Humanity if you will).

I worked at Bell Laboratories, alongside the people who invented/discovered HDTV, Big Bang, UNIX, B12, and so much more, to make impact through research on Lucent Technologies’ business.

I then worked in the Computer Science Laboratory at Xerox PARC. I worked with people who had changed Xerox’s printing business, and facilitated the development of Ethernet, the Alto and Collaborative Filtering to bring empirical research to problems of security and networking.

I moved to Georgia Tech to join a very prestigious HCI research group.

I managed this all despite the best attempts of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization System to make being legally resident insanely hard.


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